First and foremost, our mission is to help human beings—to change the lives of individuals, families and communities, for good. Because to us, change doesn’t mean a quick fix or temporary solution. It means a forever altering of the systems and cycles that perpetuate poverty and economic disparity around the world. And we believe that socially-conscious industry holds the key to that permanent change—fortunately, as fun as fashion is, it’s also an industry that’s perfectly positioned to make a powerhouse impact. That said, ethics and humanitarianism can be highly confusing arenas, filled with red tape and vague results. And we’re determined to go about it differently. So our mission is to ensure our merchandise meets the standards in at least one of these three key areas:



In a world of mass commercialism, traditional crafts and indigenous methods for making are being lost every day. Supporting local craftspeople means preserving both cultures, and communities. By bringing work to small towns and villages, people can stay without being forced to urban centers to seek low-paying employment in industrial factories, that tend to have low standards of labor and quality of life. With more local industry, a small community can thrive economically—so the traditions and skills of the region can continue to be handed down. In many cases, we are able to work with these artisans by simply providing a lens for design direction or editing—to ensure that their craft and design appeals to an audience in developed nations, and provide them with access to modern consumers who are interested in their goods.

These items tend to be:

  • Handmade, Limited-Edition, or One-of-a-Kind
  • Reflective of the cultural heritage of a community through traditional craft techniques
  • Leverage indigenous skills that have been passed down through generations