Après was inspired by one of our favorite parts of the daily routine -- the post workout moment. It's that wonderful feeling of confidence, a revving metabolism, and extra self-love. It's a moment that can only be earned by getting myself to class and pushing our bodies to new levels. If we had to describe it in one word, we'd call it a "glow." Unfortunately, this moment doesn't last forever, and it can eventually give way to a sort of glow hangover. When that happens, our energy crashes, our minds get a bit foggier, appetites spikes . . . and we find ourselves searching for the nearest candy jar, grazing through the office snack cabinet, or even worse, becoming dangerously hangry. For years, we tried to find new and better ways to effectively replenish our bodies so that we could sustain this glow without the crash. Seriously, we tried almost everything: we're big fans of green juice (hold the fruit) but it certainly isn't satiating. Coconut water can be great for rehydration but the higher sugar levels make the crash worse. Some healthy snack bars satisfy our hunger and taste ok, but they aren't exactly refreshing and we prefer something drinkable. (Plus, scarfing down a bar while running into a meeting isn't ideal given teeth can be magnets for food.) On the surface, traditional protein drinks and meal replacement shakes seem intriguing, but they are almost always packed with unpronounceable ingredients, taste horrible and gritty, and are dairy-based, all of which are non-starters for us. Making this problem more pronounced is the fact that we live busy lives (busy is good!), and we're frequently on-the-go, multi-tasking, and without a minute to spare. So, while nutrition is paramount, convenience matters. As we developed, tested, and refined our formula over the last 12 months, our customers repeatedly told us that there is a broader need for our product outside of just after a workout. In the same way that we don't have time for a glow hangover after we workout, we can't slow down or stop just because we checked something off our "to do" list. We need on-the-go replenishment that extends well beyond whatever happens in a fitness studio.