Helping Kids Create their Own Learning Path
We want kids to create their path of learning and exploration, and we strive to provide the best resources for your kid to succeed in their area of interest. Kids will interact, ideate, learn, and work closely with our team to create a project/projects based on their interest. The aim is to encourage students to prepare themselves for the future of work in an area of choice. Every child at Moonshot Jr is assigned a dedicated project manager and a group of experts who work with the student, offer end-to-end solutions, and guide them to learn all about their stream of interest till their products are launched on our platform and others. These products will then serve as tools for education and inspiration for other parents and children, thus furthering our circle of guiding innovation and entrepreneurship. Our Innovator program is offered at a SaaS-based model which encourages students to learn at their own pace at an economical cost.

Focus on Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is more than running a business. It is about becoming a disciplined and confident individual who can sell their ideas and innovations for the betterment of the society. Entrepreneurs are leaders who define the needs of the community and help them fulfil it. These are people who know how to create multiple channels of income for themselves irrespective of job availability. The future is going to be competitive and only those who can create and sell innovative ideas will rise above the rest. Moonshot Jr strives hard to create such entrepreneurs with novel ideas and unique projects with the help of a team that is focused on creating distinctive, self-sufficient individuals for the future.