What is Qustodio parental control and why should I use it?

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There are no two ways about it: if you are a parent and your child has access to the internet, you need a parental control.Kids don’t realize that anyone can publish on the internet, that not everyone’s intentions are good… or how quickly viral challenges can become dangerous.

  • Cross-platform compatibility
    Qustodio parental control software is compatible with all platforms (Different technological solutions for different operating systems, mean some features may vary depending on the platform. Consult the website for full details)
  • Plans for different needs and budgets
    At Qustodio, we know every family is different. That’s why we offer a range of plans to cater for families big and small and, equally as important, with varying budgets. From a basic free plan to Premium plans covering up to 15 devices, there’s something for everyone. Check out our prices to find the right plan for you
  • Regular activity reports
    Receive a detailed breakdown of your child’s daily/weekly activity (you decide how frequently you want to be notified). This keeps you up to date, lets you detect any changes in your child’s behavior, see which websites and apps they use, if they’ve looked into any worrying new crazes online and much more
  • Handy Parent App
    Parents who like to check in on the go can download the Qustodio Parent App on their own smartphone for more practical and immediate use
  • Family Portal dashboard
    There is a web dashboard for parents who prefer to view activity on their laptop or desktop computer. This can be used alone or alongside the parent app. We want to make things as convenient for you as possible

Aside from all this, our most popular features include:

  • Time limits
    Encourage healthy habits by blocking the times you don’t want your child to use their device e.g. meal times and bedtime
  • App and game blocking
    Limit or ban addictive or risky games and apps
  • Geolocation
    Stay in the know about where your child is when they’re out alone or with friends
  • Geofencing
    Create safe areas where it’s ok for your child to be and receive alerts if they wander further afield
  • Smart web filtering
    Keep browsing safe and age-appropriate so your child can enjoy time online without accessing anything they shouldn’t
  • Calls & SMS monitoring
    Make sure your child only receives calls and messages from trusted contacts. This feature is currently only available on Android devices. For full information,
  • YouTube Monitoring
    Keep an eye on your child’s searches and videos on the YouTube website to know activity is age-appropriate 
  • Panic button
    Lets your child notify a trusted adult if they need help. This feature is currently only available on Android devices.

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